Lynn Chapman

Originally from Ohio and a graduate of Ohio State University, Lynn moved to Colorado in 1972 and finally to Pueblo in 1985. She and her husband Don have four grown children.

Since retiring to pursue art in 2003, Lynn has enhanced her artistic skills in many meaningful workshops and classes with nationally known artists.  While an Occupational Therapist, Lynn conveyed her enthusiasm for art by introducing “Art Therapy” as a means of healing.  One way that Art Therapy works is by integrating both sides of the brain in creating art.  

Lynn demonstrates her passion for art with her pastels.  She focuses on accentuating the beauty of mankind and nature.  She likes the versatility, pure color, and ability to convey softness with pastels. Expression of emotion balanced with drawing skills and techniques using light, color and value are pivotal in her paintings.  Uniqueness and variety are qualities exhibited in Lynn’s paintings.  

Lynn’s goal is to achieve more luminosity in her life and in her artistic endeavors, hoping to convey the richness and depth of life and relationships in her artwork.  She enjoys a variety of interests, thereby promoting her versatility in painting many subjects, including portraits, landscapes, and florals, as well as local and international scenes.  She loves to travel and portray life in other cultures.

As a member of the juried Pikes Peak Pastel Society and Colorado Pastel Society, Lynn has won many awards. The Latino Chamber of Commerce chose her painting, “The Storyteller” for their 2007 Lithograph.  She was the cover artist for the 2007-8 and 2009-9 Choral Society programs.  She has had numerous one woman exhibits; fall 2009 she was invited by the PW Library district to exhibit 25 paintings of southwest theme.  She has been in many invitationals for Art at Christmas for the Pueblo Bank and Trust and for “Espiritu” in Pueblo since it’s inception.

In addition, Lynn was accepted for the 8th year into the 2011 Own Your Own Art Show, as well as having two paintings displayed in the King Gallery at the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center in Pueblo; November through January 2008.  She is represented by Lynn Chapman Studio/Gallery, Pueblo; SteelcityArtworks in Pueblo; and 3rd St Gallery, Westcliffe; plus the International Pastel Society juried web show.

She is an Associate member of the Pastel Society of America.

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A Horse of a Different Color
Five White Hats

Five White Hats

A Horse of a Different Color

Bend in the River

Bend in the River



Ancient Arch

Ancient Arch



Current Memberships

     •     Pastel Society of America, juried Assoc member 5/22/2010

     •     Pikes Peak Pastel Society; Fremont Co Art Guild, Sangres Art Guild; recently Pastel Society of CO, and CO Springs Art Guild;

Current and Recent Galleries

     •     Mountain Living Studio, Manitou Springs, CO

     •     Third St. Gallery, Westcliffe, CO

     •     Steel City Artworks, Pueblo CO

     •     Lynn Chapman Studio/Gallery Pueblo, CO

Recent and coming Exhibitions: 

     •     2012, Espiritu, Featured artist Steel City artworks-July, solo show at the Pulp-August, Three Pikes Peak Pastel Society exhibits; Juror, Spring show, Pueblo Art Guild

     •     April 2011, solo artist for Nature Center Fundraiser

     •     2/2011-7/2011 Park East Restr and Art Gallery /CO Landscapes and Southwest shows.

     •     June 2011, Glen Eyrie art walk, featured for “Via Affirmativa”

     •     July 2011, 3rd St Gallery, Westcliffe, 2012 Calendar show and Featured Artist

     •     July 2011 Featured Artist, Steel city Artworks

     •     Sept 2011 Featured Artist Spanish Peaks Arts Council, LaVeta CO

     •     12/2010 Pueblo Urban Renewal purchased 3 for Convention Ctr.

     •     5/2010 Juried for Sangres 2011 Calendar and show, Westcliffe, CO

     •     6/6/2010 Third St Gallery, Westcliffe, “Juror’s Choice”, Ranching and Recreation show 

     •     6/2010 Third St Gallery, Westcliffe, solo exhibit

     •     5-7/2010 Nature Center, Pueblo, CO Featured Artist3 mo solo exhibition

     •     7/2010  Steel City Artworks, Pueblo CO; Featured artist 


     •     Pueblo West Library, 35 piece Latino culture 2-month solo exhibition, fall 2009

     •     Espiritu invitational, Pueblo CO April 2010 and April 2012

     •     Pueblo Bank and Trust Art at Christmas Invitational, 3 years

     •     Invitational Legacy Art, Albuquerque, NM 5//8/10 and 5/2011

     •     Annually: Cuchara Invitational show

     •     10/2010 P.A.G western show, Hon Mention

     •     9 solo exhibits 9/06 to 6/009 in Pueblo and Pueblo West, CO

Donations of Art recent

     •     ESPIRITU, Catholic Charities, Art has Heart, Albuquerque, Pueblo Soup Kitchen, PAWS,    

     •     Steel City Art Works, Pueblo, CO, Breast Care Ctr, Memorial Hospital, CO Springs,

     •     Weisbrod Aircraft Museum, Pueblo, Child Advocacy Center, Pueblo CO, CASA Latino Chamber of Commerce, Steel City Artworks auction

Artist Mentors and Education

     •     2003-8 Teresa Vito; Fran Dodd; Lorenzo Chavez; Desmond O’Hagen; Michael Untiedt;

     •     Daniel  Sprick, oil; Joseph Boehler AWS;  Leslie B. DeMille,PSA,

     •     Tom Owen AWS; Albert Handell, PSA

     •     Cowboy of Artists of America juried workshop in Kerrville, Texas, late 80’s

     •     Workshops at International Assoc of Pastels Conf, with Daniel Greene, Leslie B deMille,

     •     Richard McKinley, and many others. 2003 and 2007

     •     Ohio State University; BS Occupational Therapy

Painting Trips

     •     2004 Trip to Italy with Cottonwood Art Academy, including Chuck Mardosz. 

     •     2005 Independent painting trip to Mazatlan, Mexico

     •     2006 Independent painting trip to Ecuador

     •     2009  to Costa Rica                           

     •     Continuous:  areas of Colorado

Past Teaching Experience

     •     Colorado Mtn College. (80’s)  Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain & Pastel Portraits

     •     Sangre de Cristo Art Ctr.  (late 80’s). Some classes Elderhostel  Art classes

     •     Art Therapist, Pueblo CO (1987-2003) wrote “The Art of Art Therapy”, 1st place article

Selected 2009 Awards

     •     7/09 Cuchara Invitational show

     •     9/06 Fountain Creek and Bear Creek shows featured on invitations

     •     12/5-11/09 Invitational “Art at Christmas” Pueblo Bank and Trust

     •     11-12/09 Own Your Own Sangre de  Cristo Art Center, featured on ads.

Selected 2008 Awards

     •     4/08  Blossom regional show, Juror Fran Dodd, all 4 accepted

     •     4/08  Espiritu invitational, juror Karen Larkin, curator Sangre de Cristo Art Center

     •     4/08  Spring show, Pueblo Art Guild, judge Robert Wands, 1st, 3rd, pastel; 1st, multimedia

     •     7/08 Cuchara Invitational show

     •     8/16-10/24 Pastel Society of Co National show, juried by Duane Wakeham, “Out of India”

     •     9-10/08  Pueblo Art Guild juried Western show, 2nd place “Sand Dunes”

     •     9/08 juried CFI exhibition and sale

     •     9/06 Nature Scapes Show & sale, poster and postcard ads featuring “Color in the Woods”

     •     9/29-10/21 Pike’s Peak Pastel Society, juried by Roy Sanoma, 3 accepted

     •     10/08 International Assoc of Pastel Soc. 12th Exhibition juried web show, “Poppies in    Conversation”

     •     12/06 Bear Valley show and sale, poster and advertising featuring “Wildflowers”

     •     11-12/08  Own Your Own Sangre de Cristo Arts Center, “Poppies” featured on ads

     •     12/15/08 Demo at Sangre de Cristo Arts and Conference.

Selected 2007 Art Awards

     •     2/  Latino Chamber of Commerce chose “the Storyteller” for 2007 litho s/n prints

     •     2/07  Fremont Co juried sho   H/M;   4/07  Pueblo Art Guild spring show 1st place and 2 H/M

     •     4/07  Two juried into Blossom regional Show in May by Joseph Bohler

     •     6/07-8/07  Pueblo Art Guild Invitational

     •     8/30  Regional show, CO Springs Art Guild, 3rd and HM

     •     9/07  Selected for Choral Society cover for 2007-8 season, and 2008-9

     •     9/07  PPPS  exhibit in Co Springs

     •     11/07-1/08   PPPS exhibit at Sangre de Cristo, juror Roy Sanoma

     •     11/07-1/08 Own Your Own show at Sangre de Cristo art center

     •     12/07-12/14/07 Invited to “Art at Christmas” Pueblo Bank and Trust, Pueblo CO

Selected Judged/Juried Exhibitions in 2006

     •     2/25-3/28 Fremont Co.  Juried Tom Owen 3 of 3 accepted

     •     3/25-5/20 PAG Spring Show, 2nd, 3rd place pastels

     •     3/1-3/31 Pastel Soc Temple Buell regional show; 3/06 PBS Donation Collectors Board

     •     4/28-5/30 Canon Blossom show, juried Tom Owens, 2 of 2 accepted

     •     7/1-8/12 PAG Invitational show;  7/18-7/23 Cuchara Invitational show, ongoing

     •     8/18-9/23 SunnyVista Regional Show, juried Joseph Bohler, 1st place Pastels $300 prize

     •     11/8-12 Our Lady of Meadows show, juried Don Thornton, 1st place, 5 of 5 accepted

     •     2004,5,6 Own Your Own Art Show,  Sangre de Cristo Arts Ctr., juried by Jina Pierce